Pallet Wrap/Stretch Film 500mmx400mx17mic

Item Code: PW-HT17
Description: Pallet Wrap/Stretch Film 500mmx400mx17mic Cast
Size & Specifications: 500mmx400mx17mic
Unit/CTN: 4rolls/ctn

Our pallet wrap/stretch film is made of imported LLDPE and special additives proportioning formula. It has multi-functional like anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-rust.
Our pallet wrap/stretch film has the following advantages:

1. our pallet wrap/stretch film has good viscosity and can be closely attached to products. it can make products more visible, and the biggest advantage is that products of different shapes can be packed.
2. The two products can be packed by our pallet wrap/stretch film without gap for transportation, so that items are not easy to scatter during transportation.
3. our pallet wrap/stretch film can prevent the products from being polluted by the external environment. For some electronic products, precision instruments, computers and so on, we will find that there is a layer of pallet wrap/stretch film at the time of purchase, which can protect the goods as new as before.
4. To prevent product loss, our pallet wrap/stretch film can pack different items to avoid loss. For example, at the airport, many passengers' luggages need to be checked in, so they can use special wrapping machines to pack all the items together.
5. Good transparency. our pallet wrap/stretch film is used in the packaging foods, such as instant noodles, yogurt and fruits in supermarkets, so that we can clearly see the products and can safely buy them.