Adult Diapers Shaped Pad Insert Bed Pads Sheet

Available in 4 sizes and 3 capacities:

  • Extra+ Small - 60-100cm - 1870mls - 20/pack
  • Extra+ XLarge - 110-160cm - 3100mls - 20/pack
  • Super+ Medium - 80-130cm - 2980mls - 22/pack
  • Super+ Large - 105-150cm - 3100mls - 22/pack
  • Maxi Small - 60-100cm - 2190mls - 20/pack
  • Maxi Medium - 80-130cm - 3370mls - 20/pack
  • Maxi Large - 105-150cm - 3580mls - 20/pack
  • Maxi XLarge - 110-160cm - 4060mls - 20/pack
  • Extra+ XXLarge - Up to 254cm - 2238mls - 10/pack

Adult diapers with scientific research, manufacturing and trading in healthcare industry.
The factory has always followed the path of World Quality and
National Brand and built up beloved brands in adult diapers. As a leader of the adult diapers industry, its business covers five continents on line sales of adult diapers.
Our products are persisting in "Humanized" as our product designing philosophy.
We have different types of adult healthcare products based on studying different levels of urinary incontinent patients.
Consumers can choose freely suitable products according to their demands.
• Refastenable tape of adult diapers can be adjusted for comfortable fitting.
• Special funnel shaped transfer layer makes liquid absorb quickly and keeps skin more clean.
• Super absorbent core with special deodorizing ingredients, more effective odor control and drier.
• Standing gathers of adult diapers prevent leakage and provide more protection.