Dust Mask without filter 3ply 20PCS/BOX

Item Code: FM-02

Description: Dust Mask without filter 3ply

Size & Specifications: Grey 20pcs/box

A dust mask nz is worn in the same way as a filtering facepiece respirator or a surgical mask, but the two are not interchangeable because they protect against different types of airborne hazards. Because various dust mask nz with widely varying levels of protection, and even masks that do not protect against dust at all, can look identical, using the wrong mask for the work can pose a severe and perhaps fatal threat. Mishitting masks are particularly dangerous since they allow a material to slip right through the mask. In masks designed to guard against splattering liquids or mists, a perfect fit may not be as important. Chemicals such as vapors and mists are not protected by them.
As a result, it's risky to mix together dust mask nz with respirators used as paint masks.
Dust mask nz are a less expensive, lighter, and probably more comfortable alternative to respirators, but they do not provide approved respiratory protection and are more likely to be mishandled or poorly fitted. Dust mask nz and respirators rarely come into contact with the mouth, therefore they interfere with speech less than cloth masks that do.
Some dust mask nz have features like two straps behind the head (one upper and one lower), an aluminum strip on the outside across the bridge of the nose that can be bent for a custom fit, and a strip of foam rubber on the inside across the bridge of the nose to ensure a better seal even if the aluminum on the outside does not fit.
Any dust mask nz that covers the nose and mouth completely will help to prevent the spread of contagious respiratory infections. Dust mask nz which fit snugly provide more protection than loose fabric masks, but not as much as respirators.