Lab Coat White Large

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Description: Lab Coat White S

Size & Specifications: White

Packaging: Carton

Unit/CTN: 50pcs/ctn

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Lab coat is a kind of protective clothing for medical workers in the medical industry. Lab coat is the work clothing for medical staff to isolate bacteria, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solution and salt solution, and keep the environment clean. Non-woven material, strong air permeability, anti-static; Better permeability, resistance to a variety of organic solvents at the same time, with high impact resistance. Soft and comfortable texture. Non-combustion supporting, non-toxic and non-irritating, harmless to skin.
The main purpose of lab coat is to protect the human body from the damage of the external environment and the human body's own impact on the product and the working environment. there is a wide range of application, such as: 1. Coating construction outside the wall, glass silk cotton insulation construction, polyurethane wall decoration, ship surface treatment spray paint, electroplating surface grinding, wood surface paint treatment and other high pollution environment. 2. High-precision electronic components production, precision optical equipment assembly, biochemical organic experimental research, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry pest prevention epidemic prevention fertilization drugs. 3. Biopharmaceutical industrial production, vaccine cultivation laboratory. 4. dairy production, filling, etc.