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Toilet Paper NZ Jumbo Roll


Naturall Toilet Paper NZ Jumbo Roll 1PLY, 12R/CTN

Bleach Free/Lint Free/Tree Free/Eco-Friendly/Food Grade

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Our toilet paper nz has good breathability, instant water absorption, natural bacteriostatic. bamboo is a real natural eco-friendly material. Due to its fiber length (1.8-2.5 mm), bamboo fiber also achieves its characteristics of lint free, residue free, soft and comfortable. When we use it, there will be no residue on the skin surface. So, it can make the skin more refreshing and healthier.
It is made of bamboo fiber which is a kind of natural cellulose extracted from the original natural bamboo.
It is a good product that can directly contact with food. Bamboo fiber has the functions of antibacterial, bacteriostatic and deodorizing. The bamboo fiber has features of good breathability and adsorption, good water absorption, natural and soft, and lint free.
In addition to the above advantages, the most important reason we chose bamboo fiber is is environmental protection and healthy.
our toilet paper nz is zero additive, bleach free, lint free, food grade and FDA certified.