Naturall Bamboo Fiber Paper Towel NZ 20 Packs/CTN


Description: Naturall Paper Towel

Size & Specifications: 230mm*226mm, 200 sheets, 1ply

Unit/CTN: 20 Packs/CTN

Bleach Free/Low Lint/Tree Free/Food Grade

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Bamboo fiber, a type of natural cellulose produced from the original natural bamboo, is used to make our paper towel. Our paper towel is breathable, absorbs water quickly, and has a natural bacteriostatic. Bamboo is a really natural and environmentally beneficial material. Bamboo fiber also has the properties of being lint-free, residue-free, soft, and comfortable due to its fiber length (1.8-2.5 mm). There will be no residue on the skin surface when we utilize it. As a result, it can revitalize and nourish the skin.
Our paper towel is a high-quality item that can come into direct contact with food. Bamboo fiber possesses antibacterial, bacteriostatic, and deodorizing properties. Bamboo fiber has strong breathability and adsorption, as well as good water absorption, natural and softness, and lint-free properties. Aside from the benefits listed above, the most essential reason we chose bamboo fiber is that it is environmentally friendly and nutritious.
Our paper towel has no added chemicals, is bleach-free, lint-free, food-grade, and FDA-approved.