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12 Awesome Paper Towel Uses

Are you using a paper towel to clean up spills and wet messes in your home? Wait, you must know that there are a couple of other clever ways you can use a paper towel. Try out these awesome things you can do with a paper towel that will make your life a bit easier.

Cleaning the kitchen: Using a paper towel for cleaning the house is not hidden from anyone, but you must know that you can use a paper towel as an alternative to sponges. You can wipe down the stove with it, clean the inside of your refrigerator, and do much more.

Drying fruits and veggies: When you wash vegetables and fruits, the easiest and the quickest way to dry them is by putting them nicely on a paper towel.

Replacing napkins: People nowadays are replacing napkins with paper towels. You can use a paper towel at your dinner table, and many restaurants do it too. If it is good enough for a restaurant, it is definitely good enough for you as well.

Lunchboxes: You can put a paper towel in your kid’s lunchbox every morning to avoid the mess. Sometimes, you can even write a special message on the side too.

Soaking grease from pizza: Who doesn’t love pizza, but have you noticed every time you put it out of the oven, there is a kind of grease that seems to pool on the top. That’s where a paper towel comes in. Use it to dab off the oil and you are good to go.

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Keeping the microwave clean: There is nothing more annoying than putting something in the microwave and hearing that popping sound of food splashing inside. What you can do is cover the food with a paper towel before reheating it.

Protecting non-stick pans: You can use a paper towel in between non-stick pans to protect them.

Buttering cake pans: When you butter the cake pan before putting flour, things can get very messy later on. It might take a lot of soap and your time to clean all that butter off your fingers. Make the job easier by using a paper towel to push the butter around the pan instead.

Decorating cakes: All you have to do is wet a paper towel and then use it to smoothen out the butter cream frosting of your cake.

Soften brown sugar: The truth is that brown sugar always gets hard as a rock when you store it. However, with the help of a damp paper towel, you can soften it. Just place it over the brown sugar, let it sit for a few hours, and it will be good to go.

Coffee Filters: If you run out of your coffee filter, don’t worry. Sometimes, you can use paper towels as an alternative.

Keeping bread fresh: Frozen bread gets a little soggy once it thaws. You can solve that problem by simply throwing a paper towel in the bag before you freeze the bread.