The purpose and benefits of stretch film

Using a stretch wrap or stretch film is a simple and secure way to protect your items from getting damaged. A stretch film offers a number of benefits which we will be discussing in the article below. Some of the obvious benefits offered by stretch films is the increased protection they offer. This results in reduced product damage. Using a stretch film becomes necessary when you have to ship the product or item somewhere and you need handling efficiency. Let’s have a look at each of these benefits individually:

stretch film

Stretch Film offers increased protection

No matter what product or item you are wrapping in the stretch film, it will protect it from environmental elements such as dust, debris, grease, and moisture. This will help ensure that the product or item stays clean and dry throughout while staying completely visible as well. You can even find UVI stretch films in the market which will protect your item from exposure to UV rays when packed.

Increased Stability and Reduced Product Damage

By wrapping your product or item in stretch film, you make sure that product damage is reduced and that it has increased load stability. The stretch film also improves the grip of the item and prevents it from moving around during transport.

Ease of Shipping and Handling

If the product is wrapped in stretch film and is being moved around in a warehouse by forklift, it will help increase stack height, increase productivity, and flexibility. The stretch film can be used in conjunction with angle boards, allowing you to stack higher loads.

Improved Inventory Control

When the product is wrapped in stretch film, it will make it easier to put the whole thing together, making it easy to store it in inventory. The use of clear film also makes it easy for you to scan straight through it when using a scanning system.

Decreased Pilferage

When the product is being transported, the chances of pilferage will be significantly reduced if it is wrapped in the stretch film as the product will have to be unwrapped first.

Stretch Film is Recyclable

One of the best benefits offered by stretch film is that it is 100% recyclable. If it is kept reasonably clean, it can also be exchanged for cash. This makes it environmentally friendly as well as it will be kept out of landfills.

Another thing to note about stretch films is that they can be used with both hand-held semi-automatic, and automatic stretch wrappers. Moreover, stretch films come in various grades, widths, and colors, making them a great option to wrap your belongings.

These are just some of the benefits offered by stretch film. You will be surprised to know how big a difference a little roll of stretch film can make.