Clear Pallet Wrap/Stretch Film 500mmx400mx23mic Cast 

Item Code: PW-HT23
Description: Pallet Wrap/Stretch Film 500mmx400mx23mic Cast
Size & Specifications: 500mmx400mx23mic
Unit/CTN:  4rolls/ctn

Our pallet wrap/stretch film is created with imported LLDPE and a proportioning formula of unique additives. It offers anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, and anti-rust properties.
The following are some of the benefits of our pallet wrap/stretch film:

1. Our pallet wrap/stretch film has a high viscosity and can adhere to products tightly. It can increase product visibility, and the major advantage is that it can pack products of all shapes.
2. Our pallet wrap/stretch film may be used to pack the two products without leaving any gaps during transportation, preventing the articles from scattering.
3. Our pallet wrap/stretch film can protect products from pollution from the outside world. We will find a layer of pallet wrap/stretch film on some electronic products, precise instruments, computers, and other items at the time of purchase, which can safeguard the goods as new as before.
4. To reduce product loss, our pallet wrap/stretch film may be used to pack various commodities. Many passengers' luggage must be checked in at the airport, for example, so that special wrapping machines can pack all of the items together.
5. Excellent transparency. Our pallet wrap/stretch film is used in supermarkets to package things like instant noodles, yoghurt, and fruits so that we can see them clearly and safely buy them.