Pallet Wrap/Stretch Film

Everything you need to know about Pallet Wraps

Pallet wrap, also known as a stretch film or a stretch wrap, is a stretchable plastic film that is either stretched by hand or a pallet wrapping machine around the palletized load. It plays a huge role in preventing the palletized load from experiencing any kind of damage during the shipping process because of sudden movements, environmental factors, or due to improper handling.

Understanding the differences

There are two different types of pallet wraps: cast and blown wrap. A cast pallet wrap has a clean finish and is quite glossy, these features make it perfect to be used on products that are being transported as the items can be easily and quickly scanned when they need to be identified. Moreover, cast pallet wraps play a huge role in increasing packaging operation efficiency and improving inventory control. Besides that, when cast pallet wrap is being used, it makes very less noise whereas a blown pallet wrap has high tack that makes it a bit noisy. Additionally, blown pallet wrap has less stretch as compared to the cast pallet wrap, which makes it less suitable for goods that need to be moved frequently. However, a blown pallet wrap is sturdy and durable, therefore, it is a better choice for items with an unusual shape. You can choose the pallet wrap according to your specific needs.

packaging plastic film roll pallet wraps

Hand pallet wrap vs machine pallet wrap

Remember, when you are planning whether to purchase a hand pallet wrap or a machine pallet wrap, you are not really looking for some technical differences between the two wraps. Instead, you have to buy different roll weights, one that is easy to be used by hand and the other that will work well with a pallet wrapping machine. If you are opting for applying your pallet wrap by hand, you must use a dispenser or handles to reduce strain on your hands.

Using the right amount of pallet wrap

Nowadays, businesses use way too much pallet wrap every year. Inefficient use of pallet wrap can cost a business thousands of dollars. Furthermore, overwrapping and even under wrapping can lead to waste or damage. However, it can be prevented. You can consult a professional to guide you as it can save your business money.

Using the right color pallet wrap

You can get color-coded pallet wraps as they make it easier for you and your staff to identify pallets in the warehouse. Plus, they can help in reducing confusion and errors. For extra security, you can go for black pallet wrap to keep valuable items safe and hidden from view.

Keep your pallets dry

Now you can protect your pallet wrap with the help of pallet tops. Not only are they ideal for adding an extra level of protection, but in case you are planning to leave pallet wraps outside, they will add another level of security.

Lastly, it is important to apply the wrap correctly. Businesses are switching to wrap machines to eliminate incorrect applications and streamline packaging processes. Machines also reduce injury risk, eliminate human error, and increase efficiency.